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The Homebrew Quiz
By D.J. Pander - Last time we tested your Beer IQ with The Beer Quiz.This time, we’re challenging your homebrewing knowledge with The Homebrew Quiz. Just like before, there are three levels to The Homebrew Quiz: Normal, Challenging, and Hard. […]
Deschutes Beer Clone Recipes
By DANIEL J. LEONARD - Having trouble sourcing a bottle of Deschutes’ The Abyss (rated a World-Class 100 points by BeerAdvocate)? Don’t feel like arranging an online beer trade? Well, if you’re a homebrewer and know a thing or two about recipe formulation, Deschutes Brewery has been so kind as to point you in the right direction. […]
What's Your Beer IQ?
By D.J. Pander We've gathered together a think tank of scientists from the world’s top schools including Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Phoenix. After the dust settled, a deceptively simple test emerged designed to assess an individual’s Beer IQ. […]
Man vs. Beer
By D.J. Pander “Never, never, never give up.”– Winston Churchill Here’s the scenario: You’ve been invited to a work party or anywhere else where the big catalyst for you even making an appearance is because you were told there’d be beer. […]
Dan Interviews Dan About Beer Blogs & Blogging in General
By DANIEL J. LEONARD  Some of the best writers have been described as a-holes, not that I count myself in either category, but these are the writers making interesting points, waking people up from their dogmatic slumbers, and sometimes throwing in some humor as a further sign of intelligence. […]
How to Make a Pumpkin Keg
By DANIEL J. LEONARD Sure, you could always cleverly share a 6-pack of your new-found fav pumpkin brew, but that’s only a little clever.  To really steal the show, present your pumpkin beer in style: with a Pumpkin Keg. Not only is a Pumpkin Keg a party hit, it’s also easy to put together. […]
How to Make Swamp Cider
By DANIEL J. LEONARD For this insidious installment, I’ve exhumed a diabolically delicious drink from the depths of my recipe vault for you to take a stab at.  It’s a ghoulishly green grog, afflictionately referred to as Swamp Cider, and it’s brain-dead simple to make. […]
Gose and Gueuze: A Tale of Two Sours- Act 2
By DANIEL J. LEONARD Sometimes a beer style is named after the place where the recipe was originally brewed as with California Common Ale or Flanders Red Ale.  Other times the name reflects the ingredients used in the recipe of the beer. […]
Gose and Gueuze: A Tale of Two Sours- Act 1
By DANIEL J. LEONARD There’s an unattributed Irish quote that goes something like this: “An Irishman is the only man in the world who will step over the bodies of a dozen naked women to get to a bottle of stout.” Replace “stout” with “gose” or “gueuze”, and you can count me in. […]
Beer Syndicate Wants You To Polish Your Keg!
By DANIEL J. LEONARD Two words: Shiny Keg. Don't have one? Well then today could be your lucky day. Hold that thought. If I had to tell you just one thing I've noticed that homebrewers have in common when it comes to beer, it's this: We share. We share our homebrew, our time, our money, […]

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