Wack'em and Stack'em Cookers is a competitive BBQ team. It was founded in 2004 with the simple philosphy of cooking great BBQ, having a lot of fun and giving back to the community. Since our very first competition we have been highly successful, winning multiple awards in every cook-off category (including a few championships). Of course winning is high on our priority list, but what we deem even more important is our consistant ability to give back to our community and help folks in need. In fact Wack'Em and Stack'Em has raised money over every year that we've competed, for Children's Hospice Centers, Childrens Cancer Research, and youth educational scholarship programs.

This year we plan on continuing our mission of giving to and helping others by expanding our list of charities. While it is true that we do the cooking, it is ultimately our generous sponsors who believe, not only in our talent, but for that which we stand which gives us the ability to consistantly carry out our mission.